Here is a small sampling of the projects we've helped develop over the years. Learn more about us here.

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SEX Education INitiative

Apply now to become a Spring 2019 Teachers College Sex Ed Fellow and qualify to receive a FREE teacher training program and vouchers for relevant curriculum.





NYC Sex Education Teacher Survey

A thought provoking survey asking educators about their experience teaching sexual health education in NYC public and private middle/high schools. Learn more about how to participate and access it here.   


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Certificate Program in Psychology & Education

The Sexuality, Women, & Gender Project (SWG) offers the first New York State approved certificate program of its kind - a world-renowned training ground for those interested in learning the next wave of theories and practices to improve the lives of LGBTQ individuals and women.


Specializations: Sexuality, Women, & Gender, Reproductive & Maternal Well-being, and LGBTQ.