This agenda is tentative. (Last update: 3/1/19)

The Sex Education Initiative is fully funded and is a multi-day training with both in-person and on-line with foundational and specialized learning opportunities.  Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credits will be provided upon completion.

Early application deadline by March 1, 2019. Final Application: March 20, 2019.


Sex Ed Fellows are asked to attend the following:

  1. Optional in-person: April 5 (9am-4pm)

  2. Online Modules: April 8 (Due by April 22) 

  3. Online Module: April 22 (Due by May 3)

  4. In Person Mandatory: May 3 (9am-4pm)



  • Optional

    • Foundations: Core Skills Training for Sex Ed by Answer & Cardea

    • In-person training, all day Friday (April 5, 2019)

  • Required Module 1

    • State of Sex Education in New York City

    • On-line training, self-paced (April 5 - April 22, 2019)


FRIDAY: April 5, 2019

Location: Teachers College, Columbia University

Foundations: Core Skills Training for Sex Ed by Answer & Cardea

9:00am - 4:00pm [7 hours]

A standardized, national model for training teachers to deliver sex education. This training is not required, but is highly recommended. Topics will include:

Foundations Logo.png
  • Climate Setting

  • Values Exploration

  • Managing Self-Disclosure

  • Responding to Challenging Questions & More

FRIDAY: May 3, 2019

Location: Teachers College, Columbia University

Reproductive Identity Formation (RIF) by the Sexuality, Women, & Gender Project

9:00am - 4:00pm [7 hours]

You will be introduced to this special focus on Reproductive Identity Formation (RIF) using our unique teacher training approach. SexEd KIT incorporates three pillars of learning: Knowledge of content; Immersion into self-knowledge; Translation into a context.

9:00am - 9:30am     Welcome and Introduction

9:30am - 11:00am   KNOWLEDGE: Content Lecture

11:15am - 1:00pm   IMMERSION: Small Groups

1:00pm - 2:00pm     Lunch

2:00am - 4:00pm     TRANSLATION: Classroom Prep


Location: Online via our CANVAS platform

Timeline: Self-paced with each module to be completed prior to our required in-person training on RIF.

Online modules are available in April for accepted Sex Ed Fellows only.